Herbs and supplements
Supplement and herbal product manufacturers: why does it matter?
As a courtesy to our patients, to enhance access to high-quality products, we stock many of the common nutritional products that have clinical utility in the management of health and disease. The majority of companies we use, only sell to physicians and we use these companies because of their strict quality control measures that often are more pure than “pharmaceutical grade” products from pharmacies -the company Thorne is an excellent example of this (no fillers, chemicals, dyes, etc).

Another reason why we use the companies we do can be elucidated by spending some time on the website www.consumerlabs.com as this organization tests varying over-the-counter products regarding content and purity. Each Issue is dedicated to a handful of topics such as “Vitamin D products” or “Fish Oils”. With just a few glances through their results one can easily see the problem regarding the lack of regulation in this industry as many products have lead, mercury, and numerous other contaminants; they also frequently will have content triple or more than what the label claims or a fifteenth of what the label claims.
While we are not endorsing any of the products Consumer Labs reviews as they do not test for the breadth of parameters the companies we use do, it is a good example of how quality makes a difference. We use companies that test every single batch of product, before it leaves the premises in order to prevent this problem -they test for content, purity, quality and contamination.

Lastly, it is of utmost importance to use bio-active forms of nutrients such as folate vs folic acid; there are several studies revealing synthetic vitamins actually increase disease risk vs. preventing it.

Here are a few links to some of the more recent reports in mainstream media:
Refunds issued: Kids' vitamins aren't as healthy as advertised
Washington (CNN) -- The marketer of a popular children's vitamin is refunding nearly $2.1 million to customers after acknowledging its pills contained only a fraction of a nutritional substance the packaging claimed
Consumer Reports tests find traces of heavy metals in some protein supplements
Walk into almost any health store or large gym and you can't help but notice the enormous tubs of protein supplements. Popular with bodybuilders and other athletes, the products are often marketed as a safe way to get extra protein in your diet. Consumer Reports would respectfully like to disagree.
Investigators find heavy metals in herbal supplements
May 26, 2010 (WLS) -- A congressional investigation of dietary herbal supplements has found trace amounts of lead, mercury and other heavy metals in nearly all products tested.
Study Finds Supplements Contain Contaminants
Among the witnesses at the hearing will be Dr. Tod Cooperman, president of ConsumerLab.com, a company that has tested over 2,000 dietary supplements made by more than 300 manufacturers and has found that one in four have quality problems. According to Dr. Cooperman’s written testimony, the most common problems are supplements that lack adequate quantities of the indicated ingredients and those contaminated with heavy metals.
Labels' Potency Claims Often Inaccurate, Analysis Finds
For the tests, only products that specified the hypericin level were sampled. Bought in six Los Angeles-area stores in July, they were labeled as "standardized" or having "certified potency," "high potency" or "guaranteed potency."

Overall, seven of the 10 products contained between 75% and 135% of the labeled hypericin level, and three contained no more than about half the labeled potency, the lab found.
Cost and potency did not necessarily go together. Two of the three lowest-scoring brands cost less than the average price of 18 cents per pill. But two of the three highest-scoring brands also cost somewhat less than the average. The most expensive brand was among the highest in potency, but the second-most expensive brand was among the least potent.
We are happy to guide you through this process and you are more than welcome to purchase these products on your own however, we have no guarantee that the listed label ingredients are in the product nor any information about contaminants or potency –we just wanted you to know.
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